Dubai Miracle Garden - Things to do
September 2, 2021

Dubai Miracle Garden -Things to do – Tickets Cost – Timings

 The Dubai Miracle Garden has over 150 million blooms in a botanical garden. These flowers have been put together in astonishingly varied and alluring forms that fascinate people. Every year, the Dubai Miracle Garden unveils a fresh and original idea for tourists to see. In 2013, Guinness World Records gave it the honour of being the biggest floral garden in the world. For a lovely family day out, you need just visit Dubai Miracle Garden where you will enjoy amazing floral arrangements with child-friendly activities. It became even more popular when it was designated as the biggest floral sculpture (the size of an Airbus A380) in 2016.

The Miracle Garden, in Dubai

To get to Dubai Miracle Garden, take the metro to the Mall of the Emirates station, which is the nearest one. Use the bus number F30 to get off the subway. Getting there with this is the cheapest option.

Tickets to Dubai miracle garden Typically, a single entrance to Dubai Miracle Garden will need you to pay for a ticket. The prices for children and adults are as follows:

  • 55 dirhams for adults (12 years and above)
  • Young people between the ages of 3 and 12 40AED
  • Young people, namely those under the age of three: at no cost

VAT is included in all the prices listed above.

Attractions at Dubai miracle garden:

Dubai Miracle Garden’s many marvels!

Dubai Miracle Garden annually introduces a new theme, and in doing so, it presents its guests with numerous fresh attractions. Those who want to visit this garden may expect to see a variety of entertainment.

They feature such features as:

Jumping facility- Trampoline Park

They have trampoline parks, and they are awesome. Dubai Miracle Garden has 12 custom-made trampolines. An engaging trampoline, complete with numerous safety features, is a fun way to spend a day with youngsters. Playground equipment must meet many quality control standards, including those that protect children.

Disney Avenue

The Walt Disney Company’s deal with Dubai Miracle Garden has given rise to Disney Avenue. There is a colossal Mickey Mouse floral arrangement on this avenue made up of 100,000 plants and flowers that stands 18 feet tall.

Emirates A380 Plane built with Flowers

The biggest plane in the world, and the largest building made of flowers, is also a popular sight at this horticultural preserve. It is an outdated Boeing aeroplane that is filled with flowers and greenery. In order to create it, about seven flower varieties were used. Marigold, Viola, Coleus, Gaillardia, Germanium, and Snapdragon are just a few of the flowers included on the list.


Many cabanas are situated around Dubai Miracle Garden for those who want to rest after strolling around. Everything you’ll need is here for you to enjoy: seating, bedding, and more. After all the sight-seeing, it’s a great way to rest. Many food counters provide food and drinks.

In addition to having a nice area to stroll about, tourists may take in the sights of the many sites on the mile-long walking route. It is also anticipated to be a park that will include public shows and parades using flowers.

Lost Paradise

This exhibit is interesting with its diverse floral arrangements. The Lost Paradise goes at least 20 feet underground. Visitors may wander about, marvelling at the gardens with a rainbow of flowers planted in over a dozen homes and bungalows.

Hill Top

A green mountain brimming with bursting flowers. When the sun begins to drop, this hill really seems like a show. Visitors have to cross a flowery tunnel in order to access the breathtakingly strange flower world up on the hill. Standing there, they can see as the flowers begin to blossom from the bottom, climbing all the way to the very top of the hill. At the very least, those at the top of the hill will have some good refreshments while watching the parade.

Lake Park

This magnificent landmark may be seen in Dubai Miracle Garden. A beautiful landscape that resembles a fairy-tale. It is beautiful, providing the ideal location for a romantic vacation, surrounded by the stunning view of the lake. This lake is decorated heavily with colourful flowers.

Umbrella Passage

This section is a like a romantic comedy plot set in real life, and the tourists love it. All throughout Dubai Miracle Garden, you’ll find passageways with ceilings made of umbrellas, which is where you’ll also find these colourful paths. Their success stems from satisfying tourists’ aesthetic desires while also giving cover from the hot heat.

Floral Castle

It seems as if it has been plucked out of a picture book and placed in the Miracle Garden in Dubai. The beautiful castle’s decorations are lavish, and consist of many colourful flowers spread out across various areas.

The flower castle, which not only serves as a fun attraction but also serves as a place to eat and relax. People have the opportunity to dine like kings when they visit the city.

Heart Passage

The Dubai Miracle Garden is built on this landmark. Each guest is charmed by this mesmerising floral heart path that greets them as they enter. This gives guests a chance to take in the flowers, with their amazing smell and elegant setting. Visiting tourists never want to forget this vibrant sight, created by hundreds of flowers in their brilliant bloom. The Dubai Miracle Garden will wow millions of tourists with unique displays and innovative features. It’s a great spot for a romantic trip with your partner or something with the family.

Dubai Butterfly Garden

This facility has more than 15,000 butterflies, representing 26 species, and it is known as the largest butterfly garden in the world. This astonishing garden, which is built like domes and is big enough for people to walk through, has lovely butterflies, which patrons may enjoy on their stroll.

Butterfly enthusiasts may get close to and study these butterflies by taking a trip to their native home. In addition to the professional personnel, volunteers are available to help customers get photos of these beautiful animals. For youngsters, in particular, this will be instructive and entertaining.

Butterfly Passage

Walk through a brilliant room that has many colourful flowers of all sizes in the form of a butterfly. Numerous butterfly and flower motifs appear throughout the poem.

Dubai Miracle Garden Timings?


  • From Sunday to Thursday 9 AM to 9 PM 
  • On Friday and Saturday 9 AM to 11 PM

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